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The LingoWorkshop is MeccaMedialight's contribution to the Director and Shockwave developer community. Here you will find shockwave demos (many with source code), some articles, Director utilities and the occasional tutorial. Please note - all free source code available on this site is provided 'as is' without any express or implied warranty.

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Director 12 Released

Posted by Admin, 13th February, 2013

Director 12 has been released, now with the ability to "publish games directly to iOS devices". Other new features include some 3D enhancements and 'post-processing' effects. See more here: http://www.adobe.com/products/director.html

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Last updated: 9th September, 2008

Docmaker is a utility movie which can be used to generate script documentation in HTML format. This updated version will document your entire movie with one-click. Source code provided.

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Extending the MUI Xtra

Last updated: 26th April, 2008

Here is a script for extending the MUI Xtra. The purpose of this script is to allow you to specify a callback target for the MUI Xtra (it is a bit of a frankenstein hack). Now, by popular demand, with some sort of explanation of how the script works.

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Last updated: 24th April, 2008

Although 'device independence' is not completely possible using lingo alone (you need that initial mouseClick to give Shockwave focus), once Shockwave has focus, you can use the following script to manage keyboard control over your interface.

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